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Searching for meaning during the summer doldrums


Summer is a quiet time in university life. The smarter among us run off to vacations and retreats while the rest of us board ourselves up to type and condense the work of the year. Foot traffic on campus slows down. Coffee shops close earlier. Even church has, in August, become slower: Our two services have pared down to one; our organist has taken her deserved vacation; and services have the prevailing feeling of continuance.

The Transformative Six's LGBT message at World Youth Day


"If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?"

Who am I to judge? Those five words rocked the world Monday because, well, they were spoken by the pope. By now, there have been countless reports and analyses on the statement. Many applauded the Holy Father while some were quick to downplay the significance. But none revealed the true source of the pope's tonal conversion: six brave souls from the Equally Blessed coalition.

I'm giving them the credit.

Finding God in the meaning of life


I was sitting with some philosophically inclined friends, many of whom are somewhat committed atheists, one weekend when the topic of a meaningful life came up. The problem of trying to identify a "meaning" to life, one argued, is that such a meaning doesn't exist. There is, he went on, no objective or outside guide to how all human beings should live their lives, and finding grounds for human action requires asking a different question. No doubt his objection is the objection of contemporary life.

The Camino and a spiritual way of proceeding


When I did the Spiritual Exercises more than a decade ago, I had no clue that the two main fruits of that retreat would continue to sustain me and my life choices. During those 30 days of silence (with only one meeting with my spiritual director each day), I prayed through the life of Christ with the help of St. Ignatius' many meditations and exercises.


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