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Faith should guide in all aspects of life, including politics


The morning of the walk dawned crisp and spectacular, and our team collected in a church parking lot near the start.

More than 20 members of our congregation gathered with about 3,500 others for AIDSWalk 2011, the annual event that raises funds for the AIDS Service Foundation of Greater Kansas City. Through our own donations and the pledges of others -- mostly gathered by our AIDS Ministry from other church members -- our team turned in nearly $4,000 to the cause.

Hospitals, Alice's Wonderland, and the bishops on health care


The Web site of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops devotes lots of attention to health care. As it should.

But my own recent personal experience with our health care system makes me think the bishops -- and all American religious leaders -- might do well first to insist that the system be built on rigorous honesty instead of relying on the incomprehensible money games that now seem to characterize it -- games a friend who serves as CEO of a major health care non-profit agency tells me are “absurd.”

Thinking of food with 'astonished gratitude about abundance'


Last June in this space I wrote about a Creighton University student’s intriguing project in which he tried to apply Catholic social teaching to the production, distribution and consumption of food.

I recall thinking then that in some ways Catholics seem more sensitive to this matter than do most of the Protestants I hang around with. For Protestants to get more interested in this, I thought, they need a way to root concern for food issues in the Bible.

Forget about sainthood, let's worry about ministry


What opinion should a Protestant like me have about the small controversy over whether the late Pope John Paul II is being rushed to sainthood?

None -- that would be the proper and courteous thing to say. But, in fact, Protestants, like Catholics, have lots of opinions about things that may not directly concern them. So I’d like to share some of that with you Catholics so that you might have a better sense of how non-Catholics may be thinking about you and your church.

Catholics, Orthodox must resolve gay marriage opposition


Because of my long interest in ecumenical relations and Christian unity (not uniformity), I’ve been intrigued over the last few months by what seems to be progress in Catholic-Orthodox dialogue.

Fr. Thomas Ryan offered a detailed look at some of this last month in an NCR commentary -- Catholic and Orthodox Unity: Close Enough to Imagine -- which produced lots of reader comments.

When religions stop using hate words, politics will too


In the sad, volatile weeks since the Tucson massacre, nearly every accusation possible has been made about the presence of vitriol in our political discourse and about the sources of its many constituent toxins.

I say “nearly” because so far I’ve heard almost no one from a religious background acknowledge that religion itself -- both in its sacred writ and in the inability of its adherents to restrain their know-it-all pronouncements -- may well be the most egregious sinner when it comes to language that promotes violent dissent.


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