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Psalm for a Stalled Heart


My heart is cold today, O God,
I feel no burning desire,
no zeal to pray or be with you.

My heart is frozen by the chill of emptiness—
sluggish and stalled.

Lent 2010 Reflections by Joyce Rupp

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Send forth your Spirit
to revive my heart.

Spark it with a relish for service,
with a longing to pray.

Take me beyond the need to feel
the reassurance of a lover’s heart.

May I seek to love and serve you,
even when my wintry heart
declines to dance
with springtime grace.

Remind me of the ageless truth
that we become what we pretend to be.

And as this long day passes,
may I begin to glimpse a growing warmth
beyond my words and deeds,
the marriage of what I would be
and what I am.

And may my desire
to be your flame of warmth and love
spark other stalled souls
to come alive, aflame in you.

May this be so, O God, may this be so.

From Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim by Ed Hays


Prayer action suggestion:
Who can you enflame with the love of God this week? Do it.


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