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Photos from SOA Day 3: Sunday's Protest at the gates of Ft. Benning


Hope, excitement, ambition and motivation seem the profit of the first two days at the SOA Protest and Ingnatian Family Teach-In. If that's the case, it's all underwritten by the solemn reflection that takes place on the event's final morning.

After two days of discussion and sharing ideas - the silent procession in remembrance of those throughout Latin America, victims of the SOA's training, is powerful in its simplicity. I was unable to learn how many entered the Fort's grounds this year, though one of the event's organizers told me last night he thought there would be about ten people.

I could write for days about what this morning's protest stirred in me, and the response it drew from those I walked with. But I'd prefer you see it for yourself. Click here to see photos from the 19th Annual School of the Americas Protest.


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