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The Kennedys Take America to Mass


Most of the commentary on Senator Kennedy’s Catholicism has focused on the issues he espoused. Most note approvingly his many positions that advocated long held aspects of Catholic social teaching such as his efforts to alleviate poverty, his support for universal health care and his defense of workers’ rights. A minority, and a nasty minority at that, focuses on his pro-abortion rights position.

Religious delegation decries human rights' abuses in Honduras


A religious delegation recently returned from a week-long visit to Honduras and issued as statement calling upon the U.S.:

  • to be unequivocal and very public in denouncing the brutal human rights violations committed by Honduran military and police forces;

  • to cancel diplomatic as well as tourist and business visas for a broader group of those implicated in orchestrating or leading the coup;

  • to freeze the accounts in U.S. banks of these same coup leaders; and

  • to follow the example of other nations by recalling Ambassador Llorens until the legitimate president of Honduras is restored to office.

Ted Kennedy's Catholicism


Over on, David Gibson has one of the more interesting critiques of Ted Kennedy's life and times -- especially as it relates to his Catholicism -- that I have read. A teaser:

It is tempting to view Ted Kennedy's passing as the end of an era, both politically and culturally, but also religiously -- the end of a reform-minded, socially oriented Catholicism that entered the mainstream in the 1960s ...

Yet conservatives shouldn't be too quick to bury the past and proclaim their own orthodoxy as the true heir of the American Catholic future. Surveys of young adult Catholics over recent years have shown that, in many respects, the younger generation resembles Kennedy's approach to faith and politics, with social justice and equality for women and gays as public markers of their religion, and devotion to the sacraments the lodestar of their private devotion.

Read the full column here: Camelot Catholicism: The Once and Future Church?

The world's eyes on Tulsa


The globalization of information is something we live with every day, so much so that we take it for granted. But every once in a while, some thing happens that draws one's attention to the fact that news, information, is global and that diverse people have common interests

As a case in point, take a look at this sampling of sources and headlines for the last two days or so:

From NCR: Okla. bishop no longer faces people at Mass
From Tulsa Bishop to no longer face congregation during Mass
From InfoCatólica: El obispo de Tulsa, Oklahoma, reinstaura la posición «Ad Orientem»
From RKnieuws: Amerikaanse bisschop draagt mis weer op 'met rug naar het volk'
From Le Nouvelliste: À Tulsa (Oklahoma), l'évêque célèbre désormais « ad orientem »
From Agenzia di Stampa Asca: Vescovo usa celebrera' messa con le 'spalle al popolo'
From La Vie: Au Far West, la messe passe à l'Est
From TTX Công Giáo Vi?t Nam: Thánh L? Quay V? H??ng ?ông (Ch'nh trong chi?u h??ng ?y, ??c Cha Edward Slattery, ...)

I guess that it just goes to show you that a good story has legs.

Ted Kennedy: A Lion for Nuclear Disarmament


Yesterday in this space I reported that in an interview I had with Ted Kennedy in 1981 he said that nuclear disarmament was the greatest challenge we faced as a nation, indeed, as a world family.

Not surprisingly, others are similarly reporting Kennedy's support for ridding the planet of these immoral weapons (Immoral, yes, because, by their very nature [size and contaminants], they cannot discriminate between combatants and noncombatants.)

Be mindful, age more slowly


Want to age more slowly? Try mindfulness. At least one study links staying young with being mindful. When I was reading about the study I was, well, er, mindful about a book Benedictine Sister Joan Chittister wrote recently in which she essentially argues that one's biological clock can be influenced by one's spiritual or psychological clock. She calls it aging gracefully. I like that too.


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