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Kudos to Father Larry Snyder


Rev. Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA), has been named as one of the nation's top nonprofit executives of 2009 by The NonProfit Times (NPT). This is the second straight year for Fr. Snyder to be recognized on the list. The newspaper's 12th annual "Power and Influence Top 50" illustrates the importance of community service and the critical role volunteers play in transforming society.

Briggs has written a provocative and thoughtful essay


Ken Briggs, an occasional blogger on this page, has written a provocative essay on our web site today. It's a challenge to the religious women leaders who will gather in New Orleans next week. It is not a challenge in the sense that he claims to know and then he tells the women what they should do. It is, rather a empathetic reflection that says, "I understand; you are in a very difficult spot."

Broken Windows


Los Angeles is in a bit of a shock these days, so if you visit here – forgive us if we seem distracted. It’s not because some major movie star has just walked by, or because the Dodgers are still own first place in August. The reason is William Bratton: the best chief in this city’s history has just told everyone he’s stepping down.

Fly high the Peurto Rican flag


The Puerto Rican flag is hanging on the front of my porch today to celebrate the confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor as an associate justice of the Supreme Court. I must confess the guilty pleasure of watching conservatives find ways to denounce her. My personal favorite is watching Lou Dobbs display his not so thinly veiled nativism, the sense of entitlement that comes from the “we were here first” mentality. This is especially rich when nativists are holding forth in places like Los Angeles, San Antonio, Florida, or other places with Anglo names. First? Ever heard of Junipero Serra? Ponce de Leon?

L.A.'s 'best police chief'


It's always interesting to see a a self-proclaimed sceptic change his ro her mind to the positive, as is the case of Jesuit priest George Boyle, who is the executive director of a gang-intervention program in Los Angeles. Early on, he was wary of the new police chief, William Bratton, formerly of New York City. After 7+ years in Los Angeles,Bratton just announced that he's heading to a private sector job based in New York City.

Today, according to Father Boyle: “He’s the best chief the city has ever known,” Boyle said.


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