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Pope Francis: the death penalty is inadmissible


Vatican City, (Vatican Information Service) -- This morning, March 20, the Holy Father received in audience a delegation from the International Commission against the Death Penalty.

Pope Francis gave a letter Federico Mayor, president of the Commission, to greet and offer his personal thanks to all the members of the aforementioned International Commission, the group of countries that lend their support, and all those who collaborate in its work.

Here are a few highlights from the Pope’s message:

'Do You Believe?' is not mainstream entertainment; it is mainstream Sunday school


Following up on their success with last year's triumphalist "God's Not Dead," screenwriters Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon have written "Do You Believe?", an interconnected drama for Christians that features 12 lives colliding in a life-changing event.

It is nighttime in downtown Detroit. A man, Malachi (Delroy Lindo), is carrying a large cross when he confronts a man in a car at an intersection. He asks: "Do you believe in the cross of Christ?"

The anniversary of the US invasion of Iraq


March 19 is the 12th Anniversary of the Invasion of Iraq. I’m writing to express my concerns about the People of Iraq and my belief in the U.S. “responsibility to protect”.

I draw your attention to the responsibility the United States and the international community has for the victims of current human rights abuses taking place in Iraq as a direct consequence of that ill-begotten war.


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