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Pope Francis on spanking


My parents were ahead of their times in not believing in corporal punishment when I grew up after the Second World War. The only time I remember being slapped by my father was when my brother was fooling around in the backseat of the car. My father's normal reservoir of patience had finally been exhausted and he swung at my brother, who quickly ducked, leaving me the recipient of the slap.

If looks could kill, my father would have been dead and my mother prosecuted for murder. I was too shocked to cry and blamed my brother not my father. I still blame my brother.

Kansas introduces bill to abolish death penalty


The death penalty may be abolished in Kansas if the Kansas Legislature passes House Bill 2129.

According to the bill, “No person shall be sentenced to death for a crime committed on or after July 1, 2015.” Rep. Steven Becker of Buhler, Kan., a member of the House of Representatives judicial committee, introduced the bill in committee on Jan. 27.

Reducing the population in prison


I drove last Wednesday from St. Louis to Jefferson City to meet with the chair of the House Committee on Corrections. Our agenda was -- and continues to be -- how to develop and pass legislation that will reduce the number of men and women in prison. While crime has dropped across the nation and in Missouri, during the past six years, the Missouri prison population has grown from 30,000 to 32,000. In 1982, only about 8,000 people were in prison.

Pete Rose, Meet Junipero Serra


Junipero Serra and Pete Rose have become fellow brinksmen on a still shaky threshold of glory.

Serra is back in the running for sainthood after being tarnished by earlier outcries against his treatment of Native Americans. Rose, as most of the world knows, was banned from baseball for gambling on games while manager of the Reds, but this week a new major league commissioner opened the door for him to gain eligibility for baseball's canonization into the Hall of Fame.


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