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Has Pope Benedict visited Medjugorje sub secreto?


So as Medjugorje celebrates the 28th anniversary this week of the first reported apparitions of the Virgin Mary there is discussion as to whether or not Pope Benedict has ever visited the Croatian town.

Pope John Paul II never journeyed to Medjugorje. Some visitors to Medjugorje are claiming several sightings, some years back, of then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now, Pope Benedict XVIand, they say, the cardinal was keeping his profile quite low.

New Haven Supreme Court ruling helps, not hurts, Sotomayor nomination


The Supreme Court ruled in favor of a group of white firefighters in New Haven today. Just so, Sonya Sotomayor took one giant step towards becoming the sixth Catholic justice on the Court. That’s right. The decision by the Supreme Court to overturn a ruling by Sotomayor and two of her colleagues on the Appeals Court will make it more, not less, likely that she is confirmed.

Them bones ...


"By sharing the cup of the Lord's suffering, they became the friends of God."
Entrance Antiphon, Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Apostles

A writing teacher once said that a piece of writing has to have good bones. How many speeches, editorials, even novels are rhetorically fulsome and flowing but lack an underlying structure that holds the whole work together. Sounds great but says little. Style without substance. It lacks bones.

A light-hearted media session with new American archbishops



Here’s the thing about a pallium ceremony, the annual event in Rome when new archbishops receive a band of woolen cloth symbolizing their duties as shepherds and their bond with the pope: It rarely makes much news, but it does offer a snapshot of the next generation of senior leadership in the Catholic church.

Immorality of climate-change denial


One of my greatest fears - one I invite you to share it with me - is that earth climate change is self-reinforcing, meaning, for example, that rising temperatures will cause arctic tundra to defrost, releasing even more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing temperatures to rise even more. This is not far-fetched theory, but the belief of a wide spectrum of world scientists. Should we enter this vortex of doom, civilization, as we know it on our planet, could essentially end.


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