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Episcopalians take historic vote for gays, lesbians


I think of Episcopalians as our ecclesial "kissin' cousins," so I keep abreast of what they're doing. And this week, it's historic.

As recently as a few weeks ago, most Episcopalians were saying this vote was impossible. And then it happened. The Episcopal General Convention, meeting in Anaheim, Calif., voted overwhelmingly this week to allow openly gay men or lesbians to become priests and bishops. Today, the House of Bishops and House of Deputies take up the question of official blessing ceremonies for same sex unions.

Do you know Bill?


"Take my yoke upon you ..." Matt 11:25

A man sitting on the bench at the bus stop kept looking at me as though he knew me. I didn't recognize him, and things only got more confused when he asked me, "Do you know Bill?" He was about my age, looked a bit worn at the edges, but he was engaging and eager to talk. As our conversation continued on the bus, I learned that "Do you know Bill" was an AA catch phrase one alcoholic might use to identify another.

The presidential pitch


One of the "rules" of political campaigns is never have a politician play a public part in a sporting event. They will get booed. This is a particular instance of a greater rule: Know your audience.

Sports fans come to a stadium to watch sports. For some it is merely a fun pastime. For others sports is an escape from the quotidian, a literal "field of dreams" where people can indulge their fantasy of sports' greatness through the power of their imagination. For others, cheering for the home team is part and parcel of local loyalty, as anyone who has been in Red Sox Nation during the playoffs knows. No one, repeat no one, comes to a ball game to see, still less hear from, a politician.


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