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Strangers in the night


"A man's home is his castle" is a cry that echoes in American ears. While technology may be eating away at our liberties online, Americans still believe they are secure in their own homes. In some states in the South and West, dominion over one's own home is reinforced by "stand your ground" laws, which permit homeowners to use deadly force against intruders, though not without controversy.

A Grave Situation

A few months after I was born, my great-uncle Fr. Edward Timmons, S.J., dropped dead in the middle of reading the Passion at Palm Sunday mass. Quite the Halloween image, eh? Though I never met my namesake during the short time our lives overlapped, I feel like I have a relationship with him. I realize this might sound a bit odd, but this weekend when we pray for and to the dead on All Saints and All Souls, I suppose we’re embracing this oddness.


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