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Unwillingness to invest in the public sector leads to job loss


Black unemployment always runs higher than white and Hispanic unemployment. A few weeks back, The New York Times published an article about how the shrinking public sector has hurt blacks disproportionately. They are 30 percent more likely to work for the government than whites and twice as likely as Hispanics. So recession layoffs and the slow recovery are a big roadblock in their path to the middle class.

Fighting Islamophobia in America


I first heard of this incident by email. Tahera Ahmad, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, was on a Shuttle America flight (a feeder airline for United Airlines) and asked the flight attendant for a can of Diet Coke. She also asked, for hygienic reasons, that it be unopened. The flight attendant refused. When she asked why, the flight attendant said, "Because you could use it as a weapon."

When Lobbying Isn't Hobbying


Everyone is huffing and puffing over the big time soccer scandal and it's designated villain, Sepp Blatter. A fusillade of media attack has felled its prey on solid evidence which most of the avengers say they knew all along. Bribes of one sort or another have snuffed the life out of fair play. Score one for the crime busters.


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