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One possible solution to our country's growing divisions


Thomas F. Schaller has written an intriguing but disturbing opinion piece in The Baltimore Sun.

The piece highlights the growing political divisions throughout the country. Gridlock continues in Washington with little or no indication that a solution exists to bridge this gap in the foreseeable future. At the same time, at the state level, there is growing unity. More and more states are in the hands of a single political party.

What If He'd Become the Rev. Jimmy Carter?


What if Jimmy Carter had sought a career in the church rather than politics? His appearances on prime television shows promoting his book this week, including a memorable, slightly out of character guest shot on Stephen Colbert in which he wanly suggests joining the Catholic church, raises the question.

His political legacy continues to suffer heavy criticism; would a career in religion had a different income? There's good reason to think it would have been.


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