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Today isn't Labor Day. Neither was Labor Day, for all practical purposes. Ever since red letter days were simply reduced to weekend attachments, creating the "holiday weekend," we've skipped paying much attention at all to the original purpose of any of the formally designated occasions as we go about our leisure and conjure the slashed prices at the malls and the dealerships. Labor Day retains its tag as the "traditional end of summer" but even that's not so true as millions of seniors linger far longer.

Seoul cardinal tells Sewol families to 'concede'


Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, archbishop of Seoul, has called upon families of the victims in the April Seoul ferry tragedy “to concede at a certain point” their demands for an independent investigation and prosecution for the culpable.

In a press conference, he also warned reporters against exploiting the pain of the Sewol families, calling on everyone to help heal the pain.


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