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Texas Catholics ask Texas governor to stop exeuction of mentally ill prisoner


Updated 11 a.m. central time: The U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans has halted the execution of a Texas death row inmate with a history of schizophrenia, just hours before he was to be put to death in Huntsville. Read more: Federal Appeals Court Issues Stay For Panetti

Indiscriminate juvenile shackling, like putting kids 'in the stocks'


It is a form of “public shaming,” like “putting people in the stocks” as the “Puritans used to do.” Only Puritans “at least had to prove to their satisfaction that the person had done something wrong.”

“What we’re doing to kids is worse than that.” We shame them at “detention hearings, during their trial — in all proceedings.”

Report: Hong Kong Cardinal to risk arrest in protest


Retired Hong Kong Cardinal Joseph Zen says he will be risking arrest by Chinese authorities Wednesday, joining leaders in the months-long Occupy protests there who are handing themselves over in a bid to stop violence against the protesters.

According to reports by Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK Tuesday, Zen said he would be joining three of the Occupy group leaders in turning themselves in.


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