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And suddenly, it's over! The Vatican investigation of the LCWR came to a "curt and unexpected" end today, reports NCR's Vatican correspondent Joshua McElwee. "LCWR president Immaculate Heart of Mary Sr. Sharon Holland said in a statement that the oversight process brought the sisters and the Vatican to “deeper understandings of one another’s experiences, roles, responsibilities, and hopes for the Church and the people it serves.”

Cross-platform America Media aims to expand its Catholic ministry


Readers of the popular Jesuit magazine America may have noticed that its publisher, America Press, is undergoing a rebranding.

"People are reading print publications less and less, particularly young millennials," said Jesuit Fr. Jeremy Zipple, executive editor of America Films, a significant part of the newly established cross-platform entity America Media.

Count your gains, don't tally your losses this Tax Day


As April 15 approaches, Americans are reminded of one of the dirtiest words in the English language: taxes.

The focus of Tax Day is often on the hard-earned dollars we'll kiss goodbye or the eagerly awaited check we'll find in our mailboxes. While the masses either bemoan their losses or cash their government refunds, I want to reframe our view of Tax Day to that of taxpayer pride.


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