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Ethical principles in robots: a possibility?


I'm in Wisconsin with my family, with members from as far away as Alaska. Monday morning on the deck, eating banana bread, my brother-in-law Tom raised the question of whether we can instill ethical principles in robots. My sister said we humans still control the robots, but Tom said not necessarily. At this point, we can always unplug them. However, at what point will a drone be able to decide to preserve itself, say, from an attempt to take control of the motherboard?

New document gives big boost to 'sense of the faithful'


When the document from the International Theological Commission was released in late June, it drew little buzz. Its authors -- from Canada, Britain, France, Poland, and other countries -- were unknown to me except for the one American on the panel, Sr. Sara Butler. She taught at Chicago's Mundelein Seminary for many years and is best known for her opposition to women's ordination.

Woman appointed as rector of Pontifical university in Rome


The Vatican's Congregation for Catholic Education has appointed a woman to lead one of Rome's seven pontifical universities, the special academic institutions established directly under the authority of the pope. 

Franciscan Sr. Mary Melone has been appointed rector of the Pontifical University Antonianum, the Roman university run by one of the main orders of male Franciscans, the Order of Friars Minor. The appointment was announced Thursday on the Friars website.


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