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Mercy for Hunthausen?


Thirty years ago, Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen was figuratively clapped in irons and thrown into the dungeon by now pope emeritus Josef Ratzinger, with the explicit approval of John Paul II. Not for committing crimes of theft or child abuse, which went unpunished then and mostly now, but for demonstrating values and practices that Pope Francis appears to approve in whole or in part. 

What the pope can do -- and can’t -- do


One of the most well-remembered talks here at Judson Memorial Church in New York happened one night when our now-deceased minister emeritus, Howard Moody, advised us that we were going to be disappointed in Barack Obama as president. At the time, it had just become clear that Hillary Clinton was not going to be president and that Obama might be.

That was eight years ago. Moody quietly laid out the obstacles facing Obama the president, including the grotesque racism that has followed him. He warned us to be careful in the size of our hopes.


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