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Nigeria, day one


I landed  in Abuja, Nigeria, Sunday evening as part of a delegation from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Liberty just as a thunder storm cleared the area. Perhaps this was symbolic because everyone I met today was rejoicing that the recent national elections took place without the violence that so many people had been predicting. (See my Friday column).

A year and a half to go, and it's a tight GOP race in New Hampshire


Given the huge fail by pollsters in Britain's recent elections, perhaps a caution would be in order in delivering the results of polling regarding the U.S. presidential election, which is still more than 18 months in the future. For the moment, though, a new St. Anselm College/Bloomsberg Politics poll in New Hampshire shows little daylight between candidates in the crowded GOP field, with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio gaining ground and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush losing a bit.

Poll: Americans would be comfortable with a gay presidential candidate


A recent poll shows that Americans are not only comfortable with a gay presidential candidate, but would prefer a gay president to an evangelical one.

Conducted in April by The Wall Street Journal and NBC News, the survey of 1,000 adults showed that 61 percent of Americans would be either enthusiastic or comfortable with a gay or lesbian presidential candidate, as opposed to 52 percent for an evangelical Christian.


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