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Scripture at the Inauguration



The Library of Congress—in their infinite ability to provide content you never knew you were looking for—prepared a useful list of scripture passages used by Presidents in taking the oath of office. While we’re familiar with oaths-of-office being administered over closed bibles, many Presidents have opened the book to a specific passage.

I’ve listed some of my favorites here, but do make sure to look at their original post. What scripture passages do you think more elected officials need to focus on?

Obama's inaugural address reveals how he wants to move forward


Both conservative and liberal pundits are proclaiming President Barack Obama's second inaugural as the most progressive or liberal speech of his career. They say he has finally shown himself to be who he really is. They are also saying he missed a critical opportunity to reach out to Republicans to get things done.

Inauguration Day just one more incremental step into the future


I spent Inauguration Day with some of the family, including two grandchildren, at the Newseum, a grand building with lots of widows in the 500 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, a vantage point that allowed us into the mix of the day and some of its feelings while remaining out of the elements, which turned out to be rather mild.

Spirituality, like religion, involves a discussion of faith


Last week, NPR aired a series on youth and religion. The general point was that participants in the group discussion did not identify with established religion, though some of them prayed. A week earlier, NPR reported a mom in San Diego who pulled her child from a fourth-grade yoga class on the grounds that the school was teaching religion -- in this case, Hinduism.


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