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U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman's farewell address


It's always valuable to listen to farewell addresses, especially those of significant people. When there are no more elections for which to campaign and one has "run the race," it is fascinating to hear the perspective of the outgoing. Of course, there will be legacies to be described and framed, but often, in between such messages, kernels of truth emerge that warrant our pondering, our reflection on the spoken word. 

Assault-weapon ban will be tough, but it's worth it to protect life


Sick at heart, early Friday evening I went to the White House petition site, We the People. A news story had said there was a petition calling for gun control. There are several. The strongest call is, I think, "Today IS the day. Sponsor strict gun control laws." I was No. 5,468, and as of Wednesday afternoon, the petition has 35,541 signatures.

Is it better to be a woman in the Catholic or Anglican church in the UK?


An interesting conversation is taking place over at The Tablet, begun by Linda Woodhead, professor of sociology of religion at Lancaster University. She proposed the counterintuitive argument that, in the United Kingdom, it is better to be a woman in the Catholic church rather than the Anglican church.


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