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Global adoration prayers available in English


The announcement earlier this week that the Vatican is organizing a global, simultaneous eucharistic adoration for Sunday has really caught people's imaginations.

Pope Francis will preside over adoration and benediction in St. Peter's Basilica beginning at 5 p.m. Rome time Sunday, the date most dioceses in the world celebrate the feast of the Body and Blood of the Lord.

To celebrate at the same time as the pope, Catholics in Mumbai would begin at 8:30 p.m.; those in New York would begin at 11 a.m.; in Seattle at 8 a.m.; in Honolulu at 5 a.m. and at 1 a.m. Monday in Sydney.

Andrew Greeley dies Wednesday night


Fr. Andrew Greeley, an eminent sociologist of religion, probably the best-selling priest/novelist of all time, and the Catholic church's most prominent in-house critic, died late Wednesday night in Chicago. He was 85.

John L. Allen Jr. remembers the man and his legend in this appreciation. He also wrote a profound profile on Greeley in 1999, a piece Allen has said is one of his favorites.

Minorities must not fall victim to victimization


In his commencement address May 19 at Morehead College in Atlanta, President Barack Obama stressed that black and other minority students need to overcome the tendency to fall back on victimization with respect to race matters. Too often, minority leaders, for example, overly focus on the racial divide growing larger rather than smaller. This, in part, is a reaction to the concept promoted by others who argue that American society has entered into a post-racial state, especially with the breakthrough election of a black president.

Kathy Kelly: More voices from Afghanistan


For years, Kathy Kelly has been traveling to war zones: Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, always establishing contact and often living at long stretches with those most deeply affected by state violence. There is no way to independently verify the tales she conveys below. But they are delivered by a seasoned chronicler of life within such war zones, someone who accepts the danger of moving in such circles as a price of being able to tell the stories that most often go untold. It is the accepted risk of peacemaking on the battlefield.

-- TR

Spreading news of the Apostles' Creed in Hollywood


A few years ago, in early 2006, Jonathan Bock, the president of Grace Hill Media, a firm that markets major motion pictures to the faith audience, arranged for a panel presentation about Christianity to both the Los Angeles and New York administrative and creative support teams for New Line Cinema. New Line Cinema had just signed on to produce "The Nativity Story," and there was interest in making sure everyone involved understood what this story would mean to millions of viewers. Jonathan asked senior pastor the Rev.


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