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A mother's love


My mother would have been 104 years old today.

We do remember our mothers. My mother's name was Alice. She was Polish and lived to see a Polish pope and the fulfillment of many Polish prayers -- the fall of the Berlin wall. She died the next day, on Nov. 10, 1989, at age 79.

This Interloper Wonders Why Sisters Play the Game


After being tongue lashed by the Vatican top cop, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious said that their good-faith efforts to settle conflicts with Rome had only produced "deeper misunderstanding." Further, they lamented that "communication had broken down and as a result, mistrust has developed."

But as day follows night, they saw a bright glimmer of hope. At least Cardinal Mueller had been "frank," they emphasized, and that boded well for .... you could see it coming, further "dialog."


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