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My knee jerk reaction to the reprimand aimed at Sister Elizabeth Johnson by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: it's an outrageous insult.

My calmer, meditative reaction: it's an outrageous insult.

Sister Johnson's theology explains itself and needs no defense here. Her book had its critics but it gained distinction in the general court of review and the support for its legitimacy as Catholic thought was loud and strong.

Order of Malta aids immigrants arriving at Lampedusa, elsewhere


According to Vatican Radio:

Over 400 migrants arrived on the Italian Island of Lampedusa on Thursday after having been rescued by the Italian Navy in a series of rescue operations.

They include 83 minors and at least ten new born babies.

The migrants come largely from Eritrea, Nigeria, Syria, Tunisia, Ethiopia and Mali.

Report: Former US ambassador to Vatican investigated for sexual harassment


The online news source Inside Higher Ed is moving a story this morning that says Miguel H. Diaz, U.S. ambassador to the Vatican from 2009-2012, was investigated for sexual harassment by the University of Dayton, the Marianist university where he has been teaching since leaving government service.

See the story: Unwanted Advances.


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