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Exploring the T in LGBT


Religious institutions have been grappling for years with their responses to the LG in LGBT: gay and lesbian couples. The Catholic hierarchy has yet to come to terms with the growing acceptance of gay relationships in civil society. But a glance at the polls shows that the Catholic laity is much more accepting of gay relationships than are the bishops. A majority (57 percent) of Catholics favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry legally.

Save our nation: reduce military spending


Every summer, the director of the St. Louis Peace Economy Project and an intern take a letter to Congress calling for the reduction of military spending to save our domestic needs and safety-net programs. They carry the signatures of those who sign on and deliver the letter to those representatives and senators in Washington, D.C.

The letters are all personalized with the names of the members of Congress and the signers. I'm on the project's board, and I've been sending the letter out to my email list to collect signatures. Here is the body of the letter:

US bishops: 'Justice has prevailed' at Supreme Court


The president of the U.S. bishops has praised Monday's Supreme Court ruling regarding coverage of contraceptive services in health care plans, claiming that "justice has prevailed."

Issuing a statement in response to the Court's decision that some private corporations should be afforded religious exemptions from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) contraceptive mandate, Louisville, Ky., Archbishop Joseph Kurtz said the decision recognizes "that Americans continue to follow their faith when they run a family business."

There is no reason for conflict between faith and science


Without going back to the days of Galileo, I believe in modern times, Catholics have had far less difficulty with the biblical creation stories and science than fundamentalist Christians. Even before the beginnings of modern Catholic biblical criticism under Pope Pius XII and his 1943 encyclical, Divino Afflante Spiritu, most Catholics were comfortable with some form of harmonizing problematic passages.


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