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The state of our union


I was thrilled at President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last week. It has to be one of the greatest State of the Union addresses in history.

What distinguished it for me was the passion in which the president delivered it. It was filled with various proposals, but these were put forth with a great deal of idealism and emotion.

'Witnessing Whiteness': The concept of whiteness is elusive


Shelly Tochluk, author of Witnessing Whiteness, says the concept of whiteness is elusive. When I'm in a group that's mostly black, I feel "all eyes," looking out from myself and knowing I stand out even though I can't see myself. What does it mean that I'm white in a black group?

What does it mean to me to be one of a few whites marching with blacks? Then I'm proud  and hopeful that change can happen.

Former Catholic priest and advocate for immigrants joins Episcopal church


Richard Estrada, 72, has made a name for himself in Los Angeles. He founded the first homeless shelter for immigrant youth in the city, planned the historic immigration march of 2006, and provided thousands of gallons of water to those crossing the border, dying of fatigue.

Now a former Catholic priest, Estrada recently decided to join the Episcopal church.


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