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Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick: an improbable life


My friend Brian Wright O'Connor of Boston wrote a profile of the departing Massachusetts two-term governor Deval Patrick, the state's first African-American governor. Patrick was a poor kid from Chicago raised by a single mother in his grandparents' home who landed in Boston to attend the prestigious Milton Academy on a full scholarship.

O'Connor writes:

The right health insurance can change lives


My NCR colleague Michael Sean Winters has correctly pointed out that the Obama administration should have shared with the public case after case of real people benefiting from new or better health insurance as part of selling the Affordable Care Act to the American people. Every day this was not done seemed like a missed opportunity. Now, after the ACA has been in place for just over a year, Los Angeles Times national health care reporter Noam N.

Raising Messiah


No doubt many of you have already dropped this proposal into the parish suggestion box: how about adding a feast day for the Holy Parents. There's no better time to think about it than during this manger remembrance season. I think you'll agree that a Holy Parents Recognition Day is long overdue.


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