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A Go-It-Alone Pope


At the time Jorge Bergoglio became Pope Francis, the Catholic church was in a predicament similar to the one Volkswagen now finds itself in. Child abuse scandal,money schemes, investigations of nuns and internal Curia battles had robbed the church's "brand" of its promotional value. The putative CEO, the solemn Benedict XVI, quit the papacy and much lay in shambles. Volkswagen's reputation was falling into a comparable low estate for a similar exposure of deception and coverup.

Media coverage of papal trip had its ups and downs


I wasn’t on the ground in Washington D.C., New York or Philadelphia during Pope Francis’ trip to the United States. Instead I assigned myself a much harder task: to consume and review the media coverage of the papal visit.

I read articles, watched television, monitored Twitter and even listened to conservative talk radio. That last one was pretty painful.


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