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A Grave Situation

A few months after I was born, my great-uncle Fr. Edward Timmons, S.J., dropped dead in the middle of reading the Passion at Palm Sunday mass. Quite the Halloween image, eh? Though I never met my namesake during the short time our lives overlapped, I feel like I have a relationship with him. I realize this might sound a bit odd, but this weekend when we pray for and to the dead on All Saints and All Souls, I suppose we’re embracing this oddness.

The fabled NY archdiocese is about to shrink


The New York archdiocese is on the verge of disclosing which of its 368 parishes will be closed or merged, after a lengthy review that started 2010. The changes were supposed be announced in September, but since the cardinal was going to be in Rome for most of October attending the synod on the family, the archdiocese pushed back the timing of the announcement.

Don't Send Ross Douthat to His Room


I don't know Ross Douthat. He arrived at the Times long after I'd left. He's been taking his lumps for a column he wrote warning against liberalizing the rules that ban divorced/no annulment/ remarried Catholics from communion and proscribe non-marital sex of any kind. Easing the rules, as Pope Francis has already done in his own practice as archbishop of Buenos Aires, would plunge the church off the cliff, driving traditionalists out the door. The Pope has egged the synod on to take those measures, Douthat thinks, so opponents must push back.

The church must lead the fight against violence facing the gay community


This month's Synod of Bishops of the family gained unprecedented world media attention, particularly after a midterm report from Rome suggested that the bishops were considering a significant pastoral shift in outreach toward the LGBT community. While the discussion and, at times, infighting among the bishops have made it unclear what direction and how significant this pastoral shift will actually be, we do know that the process has begun.


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