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Fighting Islamophobia in America


I first heard of this incident by email. Tahera Ahmad, a Muslim woman wearing a hijab, was on a Shuttle America flight (a feeder airline for United Airlines) and asked the flight attendant for a can of Diet Coke. She also asked, for hygienic reasons, that it be unopened. The flight attendant refused. When she asked why, the flight attendant said, "Because you could use it as a weapon."

Declaring nuclear states to be outlaw states


The United Nations reviews the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) every five years. In 2010, the monthlong conference developed some action steps for reducing the number of weapons in the world, but not much was done, and expectations were low for this year's conference, which ended May 22. So for the past two years, the nongovernmental organizations that work to abolish nuclear weapons have been developing a strategy.


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