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Public radio series explores transgender lives and the sister who serves them


If the Synod of Bishops is leaving you wanting for a more cutting edge discussion of sexuality, look no further than “Trans Families,” the latest series from public radio’s “State of the Re:Union.”

Broken up into five, ten-minute radio shows, the series explores the lives of transgender persons and the ways in which their transitions impacted their families. All five episodes can be heard for free on the “State of the Re:Union” website.

Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all


On Saturday, a group of protesters interrupted a St. Louis Symphony concert, in which the symphony played Brahms "Requiem," just prior to its second act by singing, "Which side are you on, friend, which side are you on? Justice for Mike Brown is justice for us all." They unfurled signs from the balcony that read, "Requiem for Mike Brown 1996-2014," "Racism lives here" and "Rise Up and Join the Movement." The protestors sang for about 90 seconds then exited, chanting, "Black lives matter."

Preview: Heated debate over women's clothing


Thursday, the Australian parliament declared that Muslim women wearing burqas, when visiting the parliament building, will now be required to sit inside enclosed glass galleries – for national security reasons, obviously. Australia’s prime minster has since asked parliament to “rethink” their position, but in the meantime, passionate people on both sides of the issue took to Twitter to weigh in. A common refrain in the discussion was that burqas were like any other type of religious garb – like habits, for instance, and hence the tweets.

The Supreme Court, same-sex marriage and the synod


On Monday, the Supreme Court essentially said yes to legal same-sex marriage in five states, and ultimately in all 50 states. Technically, of course, the court refused to hear cases from three courts of appeal that ruled in favor of same sex marriage. The Supreme Court let their rulings stand, and presto! Legal same-sex marriage expanded to five more states, for a total of 24 states plus the District of Columbia.

Nigerian archbishop opposes gay marriage and criminalization of gays


The Nigerian bishops oppose gay marriage but do not support the criminalization of homosexuals, said Nigerian Archbishop Ignatius Kaigama in Rome while attending the Synod of Bishops on the family.

The media misunderstood the position of the Nigerian church, he said. "The Catholic church respects all human beings. And we believe that we are all created in the image and likeness of God," he said. But for cultural and religious reasons, "we Africans believe that marriage is between a man and a woman."

"That does not mean that we hate people of that orientation," he added.


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