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Vatican appointee ‘absolutely’ in favor of women priests


One thing we learned in October is that a synod of bishops, typically a staid talking shop that verges on the boring, can turn into to a robust round of discussions when the synod fathers follow Pope Francis’ instructions to "speak with parrhesia” -- meaning to speak candidly or boldly, and without fear -- “and listen with humility."

We are part of a church that binds and loosens, not one that solely binds


Archbishop Charles Chaput of Philadelphia is confused about the recently completed family synod in Rome. He notes that "confusion is of the devil."

Chaput wants to clearly restate church teaching on homosexuals and marriage. I wonder how many times we need to restate the obvious. Is that our only function? Is it simply to keep repeating the same words over and over that everybody already knows and has heard many times?

Long Island bishop claims proposed bill penalizes 'only the Catholic church'


Bishop William Murphy of the diocese of Rockville Centre, N.Y., has written a letter to Catholics on Long Island advising them that a proposed bill in the New York State Assembly, called The Child Victims Act, "seeks to penalize only the Catholic Church for past crimes of child sex abuse must also be recognized for what it is."


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