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NCR welcomes four new writers to Young Voices


Back in March, we put out a call for writers under the age of 30 to join our four established Young Voices columnists in sharing their views of the church. More than 40 young writers sent in their resumes and applications, and we were overwhelmed with how wonderful they each were.

You may have seen some of the new names around the website already, but we wanted to take a moment and introduce each of our new writers to you.

Guatemalan forces attack nonviolent resistance


On Friday, hundreds of riot police marched into the low hills near Guatemala City and attacked the people maintaining a watch over the road to a proposed mining site, La Puya. Residents have been maintaining this watch for more than two years because water is scarce there and gold mining would both deplete and contaminate the aquifer.

CONFREGUA, the Guatemalan conference of Catholic religious leadership, has been standing with the local community, even taking watches there. On Saturday, CONFREGUA sent the letter below out to all the member communities.

LCWR and Vatican: Can these two ever get together?


If the discussions between the Vatican and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious are not to end in disaster, there must be concessions on one or both sides concerning the major issue that divides them. The bishops, following the Vatican line, contend they alone are the official teachers of church doctrine from which no one is allowed to dissent. But many Catholic theologians, including leading members of LCWR, argue that theology has a duty to explore doctrine in ways that may benefit official teaching in responding to new developments and discoveries.


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