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Synod's actions mean improvement on some fronts, but where's the movement on women?


OK, the working document from the synod on the family was indeed a "pastoral earthquake" for the gay and lesbian community (no mention of transgender folks, as far as I can tell) and for divorced and remarried Catholics. The tone from the Vatican was so positive that I was conjuring up memories of the tone of the church at the time of the Second Vatican Council.

Paul Krugman: Obama is one of the best presidents in history


Over at Rolling Stone, Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman writes a long essay titled, "In Defense of Obama." Krugman lists health care, financial reform and the economy as the basis for making the claim that President Barack Obama is a historic success. Krugman points out that Obama still has time and the inclination to do something significant on climate change.

The Greatest Non-Story Ever Told?


In all my years covering and writing about religion I've never seen a story more mangled than this week's news about the Synod summary about treatment of homosexuals.

The summary of the torrent of television and print stories might go like this: "In a reversal as profound as any in its long history, the Roman Catholic Church as followed Pope Francis' lead by welcoming homosexuality wholeheartedly into the church, wiping out centuries of condemnation and abuse."


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