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Three cheers! Pope Francis reinstates Miguel D'Escoto as a priest


I can hear my friend Bill Callahan, formerly of the Quixote Center, cheering from his perch in heaven at the news that Pope Francis is reinstating Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann as a priest. Bill knew Miguel D'Escoto, a member of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, personally when Miguel was the foreign minister of Nicaragua during the days of the Sandinistas (1979-90). They were friends and allies, both opposed to the Reagan wars in Central America, both deeply concerned about the poor.

Where Does Hope Begin?


I belong to that growing band of elders that, oddly enough, has more power by accident and design than any previous set. We have a reputation as crabapples and badmouthers that is grossly unfair. As the cohort swells and we're studied more, I think the ranks will number far more optimists and cheerful givers than ever imagined, perhaps even a majority. In yesteryear, old folks suffered poverty and privation. The mean old government alleviated that and for a while pensions eased the pain.


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