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The inhumane treatment found in our prisons


I don't condone murder, but as a result of the sentencing of Aaron Hernández, the former professional football player, I've had some thoughts about the punishment that those convicted of murder in our society receive.

To begin with, I am against the death penalty. It is an immoral thing to do to take someone's life, even if that person murdered another person. But Hernández's sentence of life in prison I now think is also immoral under present prison conditions. Indeed, I would argue that it is a form of torture.

The Spoiled Victory of the LCWR


The virtual treaty that called an end to the Vatican's supervision of the LCWR has been generally hailed as a victory of the sisters' wisdom and perseverance over bad judgment and worse politics. I'd prefer to agree with that but don't. While it doesn't please me one bit to see this outcome as strengthening the status quo, I believe that's what it amounts to.

Will the US join a religious war in the Gulf?


Even before Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states opened their air campaign against Houthi rebels in Yemen, the multisided civil war in Yemen was a hornet's nest of troubles. The internationally recognized government of President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi was battling al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) in the south of the country. Forces attached to former President Ali Abdullah Saleh, who resigned under international pressure in 2012, were maneuvering for a return to power.

For $15 and a union


I participated in a march and rally Wednesday to raise the minimum wage. There might have been 1,000 people gathered first at Washington University in St. Louis before the marching to several fast food restaurants. On Thursday, I was on the team to walk striking workers back to their jobs, reminding their bosses that these one-day strikes are legal and the National Labor Relations Board forbids employer retaliation.

'The Messengers' is a Christian zombie movie for the small screen


The rapture is coming -- again. A new television series, "The Messengers," premieres at 9 p.m./8 p.m. Central today, April 17, on The CW because "the wheels of Revelation have begun to turn." The end is near, and "angels" or Messengers, have appeared.

The Messengers are five select people, men and women, unknown to the others, who are gifted with the ability to heal others. Then there is "The Man" (Diogo Morgado), who wields death and destruction even though he looks like a totally hot guy.


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