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St. Patrick's Day, We Hardly Need Ye


It's time for St. Patrick's Day to go private. As a public hoo-haa it's lost whatever relevance it had. If churches and community groups carry it on, fine. But let's not continued singling it out as the only ethnic veneration day on the broad civic calendar.

First, the disclaimer. I bow to no one in my gratitude for every bit of worthy character, courage and artistry that has flowed from the riches of Irish culture. Those have been inestimable gifts to me and my society.

Elephant paintings: amazing display of intelligence


I am taking a trip through Southeast Asia and currently am in northern Thailand where several of us visited an Elephant park.  Part of the elephant show involved five elephants who were stood behind paint easels and for 15 minutes each painted as their handlers handed them bushes. The results were amazing and moved me to wonder once again what precisely separates humans from other beings, in this case highly intelligent mammals. Following the conclusion of this remarkable show I took photos of each elephant's work.


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