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Paul Ryan's recent discovery of poverty has eyes rolling


House Republican Congressman Paul Ryan, a Catholic, has recently discovered poverty and has vowed to do something about it. He reintroduced a couple of modest ideas that might help the poor. Some progressive Catholics did their best to applaud Ryan's nascent initiatives. Others just rolled our eyes at the hollowness and political expediency of Ryan's actions.

NPR report features NCR's McElwee


The National Public Radio report this morning on Jozef Wesolowski, the former nuncio to the Dominican Republic accused of sexual abuse of minors and recently laicized and who is now under house arrest in Vatican City, ​​draws on the expertise of NCR Vatican Correspondent Joshua McElweee. Have a listen:  Vatican Arrests Former Archbishop On Child Abuse Charges


I still love Pope Francis


I normally do not reply to attacks in the media, but Sandro Magister is a respected Italian conservative with very good sources in the Vatican, so I want to correct a reference he made to me.

In his column "The Betting is Open on the Next Synod," he wrote:

The fact that the "reactionaries" Caffarra, Scola, and Aguilar have been invited to take part in the synod by Francis himself has significantly chilled the enthusiasm for the current pope.

Mediation between Milwaukee archdiocese, creditors ends with no resolution


The mediation between the Milwaukee archdiocese and its creditors, most of them survivors of sexual abuse, ended Tuesday without a resolution.

The bankruptcy proceedings were placed on hold pending a decision by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals related to nearly $60 million that was transferred to a trust fund shortly before the bankruptcy action was filed nearly four years ago.

55th high school graduation anniversary: a weekend gift


I'm back from my 55th anniversary of graduation from high school. I thought about being coy and just telling you I'd been to a class reunion -- but there didn't seem a point to keeping my age, 72, hidden. I'm sure a desultory search would find it. Further, I'd guess most of my reflections about revisiting high school are not news. I'd forgotten almost everyone. I had a few shivers of memory of being on the outside, out of step, longing to belong. I thought most of us looked pretty good; a few, not so much.

Young Muslims take to Twitter to denounce Islamic State


Imagine this: Good news out of the Middle East. Young Muslims have begun a Twitter campaign, #NotInMyName, to denounce the Islamic State militant group. They say the group does not represent Islam. They say they are embarrassed by those who create any linkage between the Islamic State and Islam.

In fact, the Islamic State is the latest perverted manifestation of mental illness wrapped in the name of religion.


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