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Korean bishops hold summary press conference


Following Pope Francis’ departure from South Korea at 1.p.m. Aug. 18th, the president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Korea and Commissioner of Committee for Papal Visit to Korea, Bishop Peter Kang U-il of Cheju, and Coordinator of Committee for Papal Visit to Korea, Bishop Cho Kyi-man, auxiliary bishop of Seoul, met with reporters in a final press briefing.

Bishop Kang read a statement before taking questions from reporters.

Dear brothers and sisters,

Terrorism and resistance: the Hamas campaign against Israel


The first part of this two-part series examined how extremism, in the form of the ruling Likud party and right-wing settler influence, has permeated the Israeli political establishment. Consequently, the prospect of a viable political settlement has been sorely diminished and that of long-term Israeli security undercut. This second part examines Palestinian extremists' use of violence in pursuit of political ends.


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