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Mary Hunt on Apostolic Visitation report


Mary Hunt, the co founder and co director or WATER adds her voice to those responding to the release of last week's final Apostolic Visitation report on U.S. women religious communities. 

WATER, Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual,  is a non-profit educational center committed to theological, ethical, and ritual development by and for women. It uses feminist religious values to create social change.

Writes Hunt:

Francis names new Camerlengo, interim leader of Vatican at pope's death


Pope Francis has named a new cardinal to the symbolic role of Camerlengo of the Roman Catholic church, the official who will be charged with acting as the head of state of Vatican City upon Francis' death or resignation.

The Vatican announced Saturday that the pope has appointed French Cardinal Jean Louis Tauran to the post, replacing retired Vatican Secretary of State Tarcisio Bertone, who had held the role since April 2007.

Applause for Obama, Francis and diplomatic relations with Cuba


I applaud President Barack Obama's historic step to re-establish diplomatic relations with Cuba. He displayed courage and boldness in doing so.

There is no reason why we should not have formal ties with Cuba, 90 miles from the U.S., while we have ties with other countries with which we have disagreements over certain matters. I'm thinking of China; Vietnam, with whom we fought a war with that led to almost 60,000 American soldiers being killed; or Saudi Arabia, one of the most undemocratic countries in the world.


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