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Relentless land grabs in the occupied West Bank


The Holy Land last week witnessed one more act of violence. The event accelerated the slide toward a complete breakdown of relations between Israelis and Palestinians and the start of a third intifada. In the tumultuous climate of today's Middle East, a Palestinian uprising would hold ominous repercussions for the region and the world, but most of all for the Palestinians themselves.

EWTN an ambitious media partner for the Napa Institute


The Napa Institute seems to have in the Eternal Word Television Network, the broadcasting venture started by Mother Angelica in 1980, a media partner attuned to its mission and the ambition to match.

EWTN's chief executive officer, Michael Warsaw, and Bishop Kevin Vann of Orange, Calif., chose the July Napa gathering to jointly announce that the Alabama-based global Catholic television operation had begun construction of a West Coast facility on the campus of Christ Cathedral Church in Garden Grove, near Orange.

Standing with fast-food workers on strike for a better quality of life


At 6 a.m. Dec. 4, I was in Hardee's, chanting, "Fifteen and a union" and "Come on out. We've got your back." A hundred of us -- mostly young, African-American fast-food workers who were on strike -- filled the store. It was raining outside, and the police took a long time to come. When they arrived, we filed out promptly -- and the rain stopped! It was cold and wet, but we had energy.


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