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To produce a good Catholic, raise your child Protestant


Mark Gray of CARA recommends that parents wanting good Catholic offspring should raise their children Protestant but make sure they marry a Catholic spouse. 

True, his advice is admittedly tongue in cheek, but it is based on good social science data. In a fascinating blog posting, Gray, the Nate Silver of Catholicism, analyzes the data on converts to the Catholic Church.

Chicago cardinal resumes chemo, won't travel to Rome for canonizations


Cardinal Francis George of Chicago has resumed his chemotherapy that had been delayed because of an infection he incurred in late March, according to an archdiocesan statement released Tuesday.

Upon the advice of his doctors, the cardinal has decided to remain in Chicago and not travel to Rome for the April 27 canonization of Blesseds John Paul II and John XXIII, as he had originally planned, the statement said.

Whatever happened to the supernatural?


If you have lived 50 or more years of your life in the 20th century, then you probably remember when Catholicism was a religion of the supernatural. So much of the faith was concerned with "the other side," where the souls of the faithful were united with God and where we anxiously hoped our souls might find rest someday, enjoying the beatific vision. And there was a constant interchange between these two worlds, the natural and the supernatural. We sent prayers and sacrifices from our side on behalf of those suffering in purgatory on the other side.


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