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The Greatest Non-Story Ever Told?


In all my years covering and writing about religion I've never seen a story more mangled than this week's news about the Synod summary about treatment of homosexuals.

The summary of the torrent of television and print stories might go like this: "In a reversal as profound as any in its long history, the Roman Catholic Church as followed Pope Francis' lead by welcoming homosexuality wholeheartedly into the church, wiping out centuries of condemnation and abuse."

Why private donations can't completely finance America's poor


Charles Kenny at Businessweek has written an important essay that debunks Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan's and his fellow Republicans' notion that private charity, especially churches, need to bear the brunt of financing the care of the poor. Like Ryan's budget, the math doesn't add up. Private charity cannot supplant federal and state programs that create the safety net for the poor. It's that simple.


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