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What would Jesus cut?

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In general, I'm pretty tired of the "What would Jesus [fill in the blank]?" slogans for particular causes: "What would Jesus drive?" "What would Jesus eat?" It was clever the first hundred times.

But it's pretty appropriate for Christians and Catholics to ask "What would Jesus cut?" when talking about national priorities in the budget process. A budget, as many have pointed out, is a moral document.

Sojourners, the progressive, evangelical Christian organization and magazine, has a clever twist in this tired phrase. They're encouraging folks to send a email petition to their elected officials asking just that: "What would Jesus cut?"

The petition says, "I ask you to oppose any budget proposal that increases military spending while cutting domestic and international programs that benefit the poor, especially children."

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And if you make a donation, they'll send a congressional office (and you) a bracelet with the phrase on it. Just like the old WWJD ones.


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