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Update to the kneel or not poll

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Yesterday I posted a short note that I called Kneel or Not? Vote for It. It linked to a story about Belleville, Ill., Bishop Edward K. Braxton sending letters to pastors ordering them to tell their parishioners to kneel during the praying of the Eucharistic Prayer during Mass. The practice in these parishes has been to stand.

Well, that little note generated an unexpected amount of interest (nearly 40 comments were left on my posting).

As I mentioned yesterday, the Web site of the local newspaper, the Belleville News-Democrat, has an online poll about this issue.

Given the interest shown in the piece, I thought it was worth updating our readers on this poll.

Should Bishop Braxton be telling parishioners whether to kneel or not?

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Yes. As head of the Catholics in the diocese, it's his responsibility.

Yesterday: 76% of respondents; 1878 votes
Today: 68% of respondents; 2049 votes

No. It should be up to the parishioners and their priest.

Yesterday: 23% of respondents; 566 votes
Today: 30% of respondents; 894 votes

Who can say? It's too hard for me to decide.

Yesterday: 1% of respondents; 33 votes
Today: 2% of respondents; 51 votes

Total Votes: Yesterday: 2477 Today: 2994


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