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Thanks to Commonweal for taking on Bill Donohue

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A huge thank you to our colleagues at Commonweal Grant Gallicho and Mollie Wilson O'Reilly for taking on the unenviable job of answering the truly asinine blathering of Bill Donohue of the Catholic League. See Bill Donohue: Dorothy Day, Cardinal Dolan obviously Republicans and D as in distortion.

Visit the Commonweal website to read Donohue’s latest ill-tempered flights of fancy and out right fabrications that he calls facts.

Here, I will only repeat the questions that Mollie and Grant ask:

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  • “Seriously, your excellencies and eminences: what will it take to make you rethink the wisdom of encouraging Bill Donohue to act as your public interpreter?”
  • So why would any bishop stand up for a man like Bill Donohue, let alone endorse his work?
  • What are Catholics who are still struggling to forgive the bishops for the sexual-abuse scandal supposed to think when they see some of them supporting a person who has such a difficult time telling the truth about the Finn case, a man who has asked why teenagers “allow themselves to be molested”?
  • Or that some prominent bishops really do believe that Bill Donohue paints on the “canvas of the cardinal virtues”? One of which is temperance.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan posts entries to his blog like, Gratitude to the Catholic League and Why we need the Catholic League. What does Dolan have to say about Donohue’s defense of Finn? Will the cardinal blog on this topic?

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