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Tax Me and I'll Be Happy

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The U.S. is out of the Top 10 for the happiest countries in the world, so says Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

"It turns out that more people are satisfied in heavily taxed nations. Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands are the most content with their lives. The three ranked first, second and third, respectively, in the OECD's rankings of "life satisfaction," or happiness."

"The U.S. ranked 11th on the OECD list. In addition to the top three, we were beat out by Sweden, Belgium, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Norway. To be sure, we were ahead of France, Great Britain, Japan and China, among many others."

With U.S. heathcare reform desperately needed and apparently on the legislative horizon, Congress might take note of one benefit of a much improved, though certainly a costly reform: More happiness in the people.


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