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Saving, and investing, for the future

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During the current, disastrous economy, many churches and dioceses have attempted to help the unemployed navigate the ranks of unemployment and to get back on their feet.

This week Money magazine published a story titled, "3 investing moves you must make." (Not too long ago, I blogged about investing in faith-based stocks.)

Money points out: "Some of the best strategies for managing money are based on principles that have stood the test of time: Save consistently, diversify, keep your costs down, turn off the TV touts. But that doesn't mean you never have to adjust your thinking in response to a single major event or a fast-growing trend.

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The investing landscape today is in the midst of dramatic shifts, whether it's the return of stomach-churning volatility in financial markets following the credit crisis, or the increasing lengths of your and your spouse's retirements, or the fact that the United States is no longer the only engine of growth capable of driving the world's economy.

Says Alice Lowenstein, a research specialist for the asset manager Litman/Gregory: "The building blocks may be the same, but the past few years have brought some changes to the way we plan."


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