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NCR launches fifth annual webathon

  • NCR editor Dennis Coday getting ready to go to work for the NCR readers.
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Hi, I'm Dennis Coday, editor of National Catholic Reporter.

You're here on our website looking for news and analysis, and I will let you get to that in just a minute. First, I have to ask for your help.

It is time for our annual webathon. We are coming to you to ask for your support to keep the NCR reporting mission up and running. We need to raise $100,000 this week to meet our funding needs.

This is the only time that we intrude on your access to our website to ask for this help. Please help. Any size donation is appreciated.

You are visiting this website, so you must value what we have to offer. Show how much you value it with a generous donation today.

Take a look inside our August 29 edition. Watch now.

We've got our ties loosened and our sleeves rolled up -- we're ready to work for you.

Please help with a generous donation.


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