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Israel's assault on Palestinian militants in Gaza takes rising toll on civilians

Obama: "Something is stirring" in Burma

SAN JOSE -- Bishop Patrick McGrath apologized for "a failure at the diocese level" that gave permission to a convicted child molester to volunteer at a parish festival last month.

Michael Gerson on the GOP and Catholics: The Catholic Church has no natural home on the American ideological spectrum.

Catholic bishops of England and Wales commit Catholic institutions to implementing a Living Wage for all. Living Wage advocates hope Catholic support will encourage C of E Synod

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Barnesville, Minn. -- Pastor explains back story to teen not being confirmed because of same-sex marriage support.

Letter to the Editor: The church and homosexuality -- Being polite and kind is not treating someone with dignity

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Savita death case: Irish Cabinet to take up abortion report amid protests

5,000 rally for Irish abortion rule change after woman's death

Editorial: Student paper thanks Loyola Marymount Univ. president for supporting academic freedom.

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