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Superstorm Sandy: State-by-state snapshot

Why is Sandy unusual?

Election 2012 -- Poll: Neither has edge in early voting

Election 2012 -- Control of Senate may hinge on Ohio race

Cincinati -- Xavier University, a Catholic college, that drew criticism when it announced plans to halt birth-control insurance coverage is still offering it, the school confirmed Monday.

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Baltimore pastor speaks his mind in homily on same-sex marriage

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- A bishop is in hot water after making some harsh comments about the fate of your soul if you don't vote for a certain candidate.

Bishops urge parishes to be more Catholic by acting globallya little-known but very important document of the U.S. bishops

First woman in Canada to be ordained as a Roman Catholic priest: it is time for the clergy to abandon its rigid exclusion of women from the priestly ranks and usher in a new era of inclusively. Call comes as Vancouver church is appealing to Catholics that have abandoned their faith with a series of television ads set to air on the mainland and Vancouver Island.

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