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President Obama Cites 'Winds of Change' in Same-Sex Marriage Shift

Catholic and Baptist leaders react to Obama's gay marriage support

A Real Conversation for the Rest of Us Catholics "If I were not a Catholic and knew what I know today, would I become one?" That was the question asked a few weeks ago by a member of the gay men's group at a local Catholic parish.

Gay marriage a distant dream around the world. Gay people in many countries would settle for simply getting to be themselves without fear of being attacked or thrown in prison.

Syria says 40 dead in Damascus blasts

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PEORIA- The firestorm over Bishop Daniel Jenky's controversial comments is flaring up again. But this time, Jenky is feeling the heat from some local

Conservative Catholics blast Sebelius speech at Georgetown

Members of the Vatican's bioethics advisory panel have called for its board to resign after scientists who don't support core church teaching on issues like birth control and infertility were featured at its annual conference. The members said the Pontifical Academy of Life's Feb. 24 conference on diagnosing and treating infertility was a "Planned Parenthood-like meeting" that caused great scandal.

Pope names new archbishop for Seould, South Korea.

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