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Dear Faithful reader:

Sorry for the delay. Life got between me and the internet this morning. A little late, but here's the daily offering:

Report slams Penn State's 'total disregard' in Sandusky case

Arlington Diocese parishioners question need for fidelity oath. Religious ed teachers resign.

England -- Catholic church loses abuse liability appeal Appeal court rules that Portsmouth diocese is liable to pay for alleged wrongdoings of its clergy, paving way for similar claims

China investigating Catholic bishop who quit government-run church rising tensions between China and Vatican

Most And Least Catholic States In America (Photo slide show)

Venezuela-- President Hugo Chavez says he's seeking friendly relations with representatives of the Roman Catholic Church.

GOP bill seeks to undercut Obama contraception mandate Under the GOP bill, employers that object to birth control for religious reasons can refuse to cover it without facing financial penalties from the government.

Episcopal church approves liturgical resources for same-sex blessings

Toronto, Canada -- Green burial option for Catholics on its way

Six Things Catholics Must Do This Political Season First and foremost, be at peace; God remains in control. Remain in His love. Be joyful and faithful ambassadors for Christ.

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