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Issues not addressed in the presidential campaigns

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The 2012 presidential campaign largely overlooked pressing issues facing our nation. Perhaps in a less political climate we can address some of these issues.

 No doubt, you have a list of your own. Let me offer ten:

1. Human provoked climate change
2. U.S. 46 million in poverty
3. U.S. incarceration rate highest in the world
4. U.S military spending equivalent to all other world’s nations
5. Thousands of U.S.nuclear weapons on hair-trigger alert.
6. U.S foreign aid less than one percent of budget
7. Assault weapons largely unregulated
8. Sixty percent of U.S. homicides involve handguns
9. Increasing U.S. wealth concentration: Top 10 share 75 percent of wealth
10. Unregulated banking: “too big to fail” leading to another meltdown

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