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'Epic mismanagement' in Rockville Centre diocese

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Monday, I blogged on money woes in the Scranton, Pa., diocese. Last week I blogged on money woes in the Rockville Centre, N.Y., diocese. Now this comes from New York Newsday:

"In an unusual public rebuke, the pastor of a Roman Catholic church in Medford has distributed a letter criticizing the Diocese of Rockville Centre's buyout plan that could affect up to 1,800 employees.

"Chill winds now buffet the Diocese of Rockville Centre and colder still are some policies of its spokesmen," the Rev. Edward J. Kealey wrote in a letter handed out Sunday at Masses at St. Sylvester's Church. He titled the letter "Economics -- a dismal science in Rockville Centre."

"Our mission is not to hoard wealth, but to invigorate conviction," he wrote. He criticized what he called the "epic mismanagement" of diocesan finances and said the diocese's invitation to employees who take the buyout to return as volunteers "skates pretty close to injustice, especially in a period of mountainous unemployment."

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