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For those of you with a nose for religious revivals, the conditions seem ripe for evangelism in the board rooms of America.

My hunch is that the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision could lead corporate bigwigs to Hobby Nobby with the Lord. Exxon, Monsanto, Merck and the rest of you -- draw near to the sawdust trail. Proclaim your piety and receive the joy of denying coverage of pregnancy protection to your employees.

It'll be a mighty powerful summons from the "high" court with a nice religio-political twist. Near as I can tell it had the backing of Catholics whose conservatism is impeccable. No threat that joining the revival would entail running into those "other" Catholics who don't see eye-to-eye with the judgment. The most stalwart of religious men on the Court has struck a blow against unnatural birth control that the bishops couldn't deliver over these many years. Those "others" are still using those devices more than ever; the decision pays them no mind but it does give a much desired boost to the church's minority, it's leadership team.

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By today, I imagine hastily called meetings to explain the blessings of conversion and bonding into a tight-knit community of believers. Evangelistic advisors, especially those who equate godliness with returns on investment, most certainly will be called in to show them the ropes and lay hands on handsome consulting fees.

Don't be surprised if you see Ford Motor Company and Boeing publicizing their devout togetherness as they crusade for the religious freedom that will coincidentally let them escape financial duties to employees. It doesn't look that difficult; circle the born again believers and hire a few good lawyers to attest to your undying faith.


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