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Catholic schools in the news

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Catholic schools seem to be attracting a lot of media attention lately. Just today we see:

Catholic schools shift with the population in the Philadelphia Inquirer: At the same time that the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is closing two venerable Catholic high schools in the city in June, it is preparing to open a new high school in the suburbs in the fall and plans to build another in a few years.

Looking for Solutions to the Catholic School Crisis in Time magazine: He is neither old, nor a priest, nor particularly attached to time-honored traditions. At 35, John Eriksen, one of the nation's youngest Catholic school superintendents, offers a ruthless assessment of parochial education. "The biggest threat that urban Catholic schools face is nostalgia."

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And over on Suri Cruise to Attend Catholic School. While Tom is a huge advocate for Scientology, their daughter will be raised a Catholic, just like her Mommy Katie Holmes.

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