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Cardinal Timothy Dolan lands on Time 100 list

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New York's Cardinal Timothy Dolan has been named one of Time Magazine's most influential people for 2012.


With his crimson cassock, wide grin and rotund good cheer, Timothy Dolan, 62, the Roman Catholic Archbishop of New York, seems a figure out of the age of the old movies Going My Way and The Bells of St. Mary's -- a warm prelate who leads his flock more by charm than fiat.

Yet in 2012, this priest with a mien dating back half a century did something few other American Roman Catholic leaders have managed in recent times: he put himself and his church back in the center of the national political conversation, a public square long dominated by Protestant evangelicals.

In leading the opposition to a proposed Obama Administration rule that would have required Catholic organizations like hospitals to pay for contraceptive services for female employees, Dolan successfully argued that such a policy violated the nation's principles of religious liberty.

Take a look inside our August 29 edition. Watch now.

The site also has a video of Dolan.

Dolan joins President Barack Obama, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, basketball sensation Jeremy Lin, singer Adele, businessman Warren Buffett and many others on Time's list. View the full list.


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