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Benedictine nun, 100, pushes for women priests

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In a front-page story in Tuesday's Chicago Tribune, Benedictine Sr. Vivian Ivantic tells of her more-than-90-year conviction that women should be allowed to become priests in the Catholic church, calling the ban an injustice.

"I think the American church is outstanding, but I'm waiting for women's ordination," she said. "We have been deprived of the celebration of the Mass because we don't have enough ordained priests. We have done so much as teachers, nurses, social workers, but we need to open church offices to women."

Ivantic, who turns 100 this week, is the archivist at the St. Scholastica Monastery in Chicago. Each day, according to the Tribune story, "she leaves her walker at the bottom of the stairs, climbing two flights to the archives where between prayer sessions and Mass she works accompanied by her cat, Thecla, named for an early saint who followed the Apostle Paul."

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