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America's deadly obsession with violence and guns


From abortion to war, vigilante militias to hate groups, angry language to road rage, computer games to movies, violence holds so much of American society in its deadly grip.

Countless numbers of Americans have either become violent, are insensitive to the grave harm violence brings, or are entertained by it. These easily observable facts point to a society that has significantly lost its respect for the dignity of each human life.

West Africa desperately needs help with its food shortage


Imagine being very hungry almost all the time. Imagine telling your children to wait until the end of the day to eat a very small meal. Imagine eating every other day. Imagine not eating at all.

Very sadly, more than 18 million people in West Africa's Sahel region -- an area between the Sahara Desert and the African tropics -- do not have to imagine severe hunger. They are either experiencing it or getting very close to it.

This July 4, don't ignore America's dark underbelly


The Fourth of July is the most patriotic of U.S. holidays. As the red, white and blue waves from sea to shining sea, parades, fireworks and social celebrations fill the day. It's a special time to cherish what is good about America.

But a mature patriotism also demands that we take an honest look at the dark side of our government and society. After all, how can we genuinely claim to love our nation if we ignore its many illnesses?

In all things, love


The richness of the ritual, the lovely music, a challenging homily and the enthusiastic prayerfulness of the assembly was a wonderful experience of Catholic Christian community.

The recent installation of Archbishop William E. Lori, as the chief shepherd of the Archdiocese of Baltimore, was for me a taste of Catholic unity -- but only a fleeting taste.

Our suffering world needs a prophetic Catholic church


Most Catholics – clergy and laity – were late to condemn slavery, largely absent in the civil rights movement, slow to denounce the Vietnam War, have long ignored the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and in general have remained rather quiet regarding nearly every social injustice facing our world, with the exception of abortion –and even there the vast majority of Catholics are only minimally active at best.

Help ensure that all receive their daily bread


Every person who has enough nutritious food to eat and cares about the 1 billion people who do not should be paying attention to the 2012 Farm Bill.

At stake are deep and heartless congressional monetary cuts to national and international food assistance programs, environmentally protective farm and ranch conservation projects, and safety net programs designed to help struggling small and mid-sized family farmers and rural communities.


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