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Lost in the fog


Quiet Mystery,
Today the earth wears mufflers on her ears.
Heave wet clouds disguise the silent land.
The city is a giant mound of bleary white
With dense fog permeating everything.
Even the sparrow's song sounds thick.
In the concealing mist of morning,
Street lights blur with masked revelation,
And walkers are lost in a veil of obscurity.

Secret One of my Soul,
Portions of the land within me are dimly lit,
Answers to my daily struggles are hazy,
And direction for my future lies hidden.
Often I lose my way as I meander in this inner fog,
Struggling to find the path of some deeper peace.

As I reach out in this dim state of my inner domain,
I cry out for you and find you there,
Safely leading me amid the mystery.
Quiet me, as fog quiets the external world,
so that I can listen more intently to you/
Draw me further into surrender.
Rest me in your comforting stillness,
And let me be content with what is unclear.

"I came forth from the mouth of the Most High, and covered the earth like a mist."
--Ecclesiasticus 24:3

Questions for reflection

What are the "foggy" areas in my life?
What aspects need greater clarity and vision?
How are you responding to these foggy areas?

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[This reflection comes from Sr. Joyce Rupp's book Prayers to Sophia: Deepening our Relationship with Holy Wisdom.]

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