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Francis returns to mercy of God theme


Pope Francis returned yet again to the theme of the endless mercy of God in his Sunday Angelus address. After six months, it's fair to say this theme rests at the heart of his pontificate.

In his very first Angelus March 17 at the Vatican's parish church of St. Anne's, he spoke of mercy: "For me, and I say this humbly, the strongest message of the Lord is mercy," he told the parishioners. On that day, he said God never stops forgiving, but people often stop going to God for forgiveness, adding that one should never stop asking for forgiveness as it is always given.

Pope Francis pitches in for mooncakes for Hong Kong prisoners


What to do when you need 10,000 mooncakes and you need them fast? Might as well write to the pope.

Cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun of Hong Kong is raising funds to purchase a mooncake for every prisoner in Hong Kong by Sept. 19, China's Mid-Autumn Festival. Mooncakes are traditionally eaten with loved ones while gazing at the harvest moon, and pieces of mooncake are placed out for loved ones who live far away or who have died. The mooncake signifies reunion, so offering mooncakes to prisoners is a touching gesture.


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