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Integral ecology themes in 'Laudato Si'' resonate with 'green' sisters


At the conclusion of, in his own words, “this lengthy reflection,” Pope Francis proposes in the final pages of “Laudato Si’, on Care for our Common Home” two prayers for the earth community. Both have taken a powerful hold on Notre Dame School Sr. Kathleen Storms’ heart.

“Wouldn’t it be interesting, if we used these prayers as a Creed?” she said.

A dip into those last pages of the 184-page environmental encyclical reveals the deep allure and poignancy of Francis’ words in “A prayer for our earth”:

GOP presidential candidates enter the Catholic cafeteria


A headline in the Washington Post Friday morning said, A Test of Faith: Pope Francis Puts GOP Hopefuls on the Defensive.” And, well, he might. After all, Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ is an affirmation of the scientific consensus on climate change, and very strong instruction that the world needs to do something about it… and fast.


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